What a Year

Last year I shared with ya’ll my “Yes List” and despite many challenges, distractions, I saw so much progress in 2016. This was indeed a year of transition. I quit my 9 to 5 job and took a leap of faith into publishing and consulting full-time. One action/decision led to an opportunity that opened the door to another. That’s how faith works ya’ll! I took many small steps forward toward “impossible” love, projects and people.

Publishig my third book Faith Beats Fear was by far the most rewarding experience. I’ve talked about #FaithBeatsFear for years but composing a devotional/short story collection was a fast-moving train–I announced it in June and had it on the “shelf” in September.

I questioned this book so many times (what if it’s too religious? what if people don’t get it?), but yielded to God’s instructions. There were lots of challenges (trashing a large portion of the content, printing issues, little sleep) and it looked impossible at times. Writing and distributing Faith Beats Fear brought together many aspects of my ‘yes’ list and was an amazing learning experience.

Here are some snapshots from my “impossible” journey!

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