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Are You Doing the RIGHT Job?

I’ve been blessed to work with several different businesses and organizations throughout my career. If you asked my mom, I ‘job-hop’ too much for her tastes and if you glanced my resume, my journey appears haphazard. However, upon further study, one might see what I’ve realized: it all worked together for my good. Every title, […]

You Have to Go Through It

I worked all throughout college, but sometimes I still found myself broke. That would lead to a fateful call to my parents, mostly my Dad. I HATED making that call. HATED IT. Even though I KNEW he would always deposit the funds into my account (most times way more than I needed), we always had […]

Why Not?

Since I released Faith Beats Fear, I’ve had a recurring request to ‘get it in XYZ Store.’ I always sigh and lament the self-publishing and distribution process. Yet, in the middle of my church’s morning prayer call, a thought came to me: Why not?  Naturally, I thought of several reasons excuses why it couldn’t/wouldn’t work, but, […]

Good Girl Meets Bad Guy…

I’m excited to introduce the next installment in The Village Series, You Only Live Once.  This new tale expands the Village universe beyond AGU’s campus and takes readers on a crazy journey of redemption and restoration. I want to have fun writing. Don’t get me wrong, the process is grueling. BUT with The Village Series, I feel like […]

The Fight Ain’t Fair

“It ain’t fair.” This has been a common refrain throughout my life. When I was a little child, fairly well-behaved, it seemed like life was just SO UNFAIR. And even now as an adult, I sometimes find myself muttering, “That ain’t fair.” In the past, these thoughts led to me positioning myself as a victim […]

Let’s Go Back to AGU

I’m excited to announce the release of the next book set in the crazy world of Aurbor Grove, Georgia! It’s been a while since we’ve visited the campus of AGU. All I can say right now is…I’m taking things up a notch ;). Book number 3 in The Village Series will have all the hallmarks […]

EVENT ALERT: Social Media Marketing Boot Camp

Social Media Marketing Boot Camp from Lakeshia Poole on Vimeo. In addition to spinning fictional tales, I’m also very passionate about public relations and communications. I’m excited to announce that I will lead a Social Media Marketing Boot Camp on Saturday, July 22 at Oconee Fall Line Technical College.  This full-day workshop will provide best practices, […]

What “They” Don’t Tell You About College

Advice from a “first generation” college graduate I didn’t have any close family members to help guide me before or during my college experience, so much of what I expected was based on television (ala A Different World and Felicity). Outside of that, I had this often stated mantra in the back of my mind: […]

Like Something God Made

I can’t remember the last time I took a vacation, so my weeklong stay in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida off “Scenic 30A” was a much-needed break. Time away is always a restorative experience for me so I don’t know why I always fight it and convince myself I’m ‘too busy.’ Whether it’s a small trip to […]

Faith Beats Fear Freebie

Faith is a daily action item. It works when we’re intentional. To help me stay “on faith,” I surround myself with positive reinforcements. I’ve set up reminders and taken other steps that keep me motivated throughout the day. Wallpapers are a fun, easy way to keep faith-based inspiration in front of you EVERY DAY. Sign up […]