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What “They” Don’t Tell You About College

Advice from a “first generation” college graduate I didn’t have any close family members to help guide me before or during my college experience, so much of what I expected was based on television (ala A Different World and Felicity). Outside of that, I had this often stated mantra in the back of my mind: […]

Like Something God Made

I can’t remember the last time I took a vacation, so my weeklong stay in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida off “Scenic 30A” was a much-needed break. Time away is always a restorative experience for me so I don’t know why I always fight it and convince myself I’m ‘too busy.’ Whether it’s a small trip to […]

Faith Beats Fear Freebie

Faith is a daily action item. It works when we’re intentional. To help me stay “on faith,” I surround myself with positive reinforcements. I’ve set up reminders and taken other steps that keep me motivated throughout the day. Wallpapers are a fun, easy way to keep faith-based inspiration in front of you EVERY DAY. Sign up […]

Do You Believe in the Impossible?

Faith Beats Fear brings together short stories and Scripture. When I began this project, I wanted to figure out a way to weave in very short, modernized “parables” that captured moments of faith alongside some of my favorite verses. There is something soothing to the soul when you read about someone (fictional or real-life) overcoming similar challenges. […]

What a Year

Last year I shared with ya’ll my “Yes List” and despite many challenges, distractions, I saw so much progress in 2016. This was indeed a year of transition. I quit my 9 to 5 job and took a leap of faith into publishing and consulting full-time. One action/decision led to an opportunity that opened the door to another. […]

Fear Confession: I’m Scared of Success

I’ve always been a hard worker and believer in setting goals. I have perfectionist and overachiever tendencies. I can see in my mind where I want to be. Yet and still I shy away from pursuing my goals sometimes. I’m scared. What if I’m not as smart/talented/worthy as I thought. I know I don’t deserve this dream. What […]

What to Do When You’re Not Ready

A few months before I published Faith Beats Fear, I talked to my best friend about my concerns on how the book would be received. She said something that really stuck with me: “You know Keshia, some people may not be ready.” Now she knows me very well and I knew exactly what she meant. The […]

Join the #FaithBeatsFear 21 Day Challenge

Are you anxious about ending 2016 on a positive note? How will you kick of 2017 and achieve all those dreams and goals? Start with strong faith. Join me and the Faith Beats Fear Community for 21 days of intentional faith in action! We’ll take it day-by-day together, highlighting important points in Faith Beats Fear. Sign up below […]

UGA Alumni Night at the Bookstore

Once again, I will be in Athens, GA, my first home away from home for the annual Alumni Night at the UGA bookstore. It’s always a treat to hang out with fellow Bulldawg authors and fans. Uga will be there and the bookstore will be offering discounts! Here’s a #ThrowbackThursday post from a previous event. […]